Solar Homesystem small

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Quick Overview

Solar Home system SMALL:
You can use this system to supply AC power to a limited amount of consumers in a small office or a private household.
An premium quality inverter from Europe with 700 Watt permanent power output is included, 2 big solarpanels with 250 Watt each, a charge controller and 2 big local truck batteries of each 200 Ah (together 4,8 kWh capacity). Also included is a fully equipped AC distribution panel in a box, and an special automatic changeover of 2700 Watt, with 2 inputs and one output.

The system can be modified to fit your individual needs - ask our team or our installation partners if you need assistance.

Solar Homesystem small

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Components included

Product      Quanity     
Solarpanel 250 Wp, polychristalline                    2 pcs
Solarpanel installation material Steel/Wood 1 pcs
DC Solarcable 4mm²  20 m
Charge controller MPPT, 20A, 12/24 V, 480 W           1 pcs
DC power rail, 9 slots  2 pcs
DC battery fuse holder for ANL fuses  1 pcs
DC fuse 200 A - Type ANL  2 pcs
Local truck battery 200Ah, 12 Volt  2 pcs
Battery cable 16mm²  1.5 m
Offgrid inverter 700Watt, 24 Volt, Premium Quality Germany
Switzerland; Strong and reliable automatic protection functions, high overload tolerance      
 1 pcs
Small distribution box, 12 fields  1 pcs
False interrupt 2-pole 230V AC, 25A 1 pcs
Screwterminal for standard rail 2 pcs
Overload breaker 230V AC, 10 A 1 pcs
Automatic changeover switch US-12N 2700 Wat 1 pcs


Product description 

The System S can supply power for smaller business or private consumer cases. The highlight is a very strong and reliable inverter of 700 Watt, as this inverter is a European Top Product from Switzerland. It is well protected against many user failiures and overload szenarios. The overload resistance is important for example if you have fridges in the system, or the users is not very expierienced.

The charge controller is made by an leading high-quality asian producer, that is specialised in charge controllers. It has a capacity of 20 Ampere, and is fully operating automatically. It has a DC-output that can deliver 20A. The DC output can be set to supply street lights with a programmable timer function, that allows the system to switch off the DC output after a certain couple of hours after sunset.

The system has a 24 Volt battery package, made of local truck batteries. The battery package has a nominal capacity of 4.8 kWh - that means the usable capacity is around 3.0 kWp. The inverter automatically shuts off to protect the battery against depth discharge. The local truck batteries are cheap, but they have a limited lifespan.

Included in this package is also a preinstalled AC distribution panel, that comes in a box with screwterminals, a breaker and a false interrup switch, that will break the circuit automatically if insulation failures happen or neutral/life wires are beeing touched by users. I helps to prevent dangerous situation for human health, and is a standard must have in european solar installations of this kind.

The system also holds an automatic changeoverswitch. This changeoverswitch can switch automatically the power of 2700 Watt between a primary and secondary power source. It is used to connect the grid and solar power with each other. If the primary powersource fails, the secondary is connected automatically and vice versa.

What can this system supply?
That strongly depends on the weather conditions and the way the user is using his electrical consumers. The system is small but suitable to supply a small office or a house with smaller consumers, for example:
-one or two PC computers/TV/Stereo OR a fridge
-a limited number of light bulbs
-a ceeling fan
-phone chargers

Please note well: the hours of usage of the electrical consumers determines how long the battery can deliver power to your installation. A fridge for example usually runs 50% of the time of a day constantly, while office computers run only 6-8 hours every day. Please keep in mind, that the inverter power is not as important as the battery capacity.

The system can be modified to fit your individual needs - ask our team or our installation partners if you need assistance.


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